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this homepage is about ores, ore deposits and ore microscopy and the fun of research.

About me:
I am a biochemical engineer by profession based in Switzerland and as such interested in science, engineering and nature. Ore microscopy is a perfect choice: it combines outdoor activities and a lot of handcraft with hightech instruments and a lot of brainwork during identification. Minor access to modern analytics like XRF and microprobe adds to the "engineer's curiosity".

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In the last weeks this homepage had visitors from more than 60 different universities all around the globe. That is impressive, thanks for visiting me! But I really would also appreciate some feedback from you or perhaps just a little chat? There must be others out there interested in ore deposits, ore microscopy and related topics....

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Finally a little disclaimer: the website here always uses the terms Nic. // and Nic. +. This does not reflect the actual set up, as the Orthoplan is using foil polarizers and not Nicols. The fotos with Nic // are made with the polarizer only. The terms Nic // and Nic + were kept as they are a bridge to the past where ore microscopy was not outrun by other analytical techniques. For the same reason I kept the name „bravoite“ for the Ni-rich pyrite.

Please note that the colors of the images highly depend on your monitor/device and its settings. I try to reproduce them as good as possible, but even the change from the imaging laptop to the desktop here results in major changes.