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No samples without sampling....

Over the years we have visited and sampled a hundred abandoned mines underground and the same amount of dumps. Although going underground is risky, a good preparation, excellent equipment and a fair amount of knowledge and experience make the risk acceptable.

On top in Italy, with a small iron mine in the background...


And underground in France...

_1_Going down


Studying a lump of ore underground in Italy....right size? Representative for the deposit?


Wet, cold and dirty....just out of a mine in Germany:


Sure some high-tech equipment is fun, too! Searching a dump with a Ludlum 2241-3 counter and a 3x3“ NaI(Tl) probe at home in Switzerland (Lac de Cleuson):


...but sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Exploring the footwall of a mine with a Bosch DMF10 detector which works fine with pyrrhotite and some of the Ni/Co-sulfides:


Some impressions from around Europe:

Bildschirmfoto 2011-11-06 um 11.32.50 Sweden

Italy Bildschirmfoto 2011-11-06 um 11.33.36

Bildschirmfoto 2011-11-06 um 11.34.54 France

Greenland Bildschirmfoto 2011-11-06 um 11.48.26

And finally: „tire“d in one of Luxemsburg’s iron mines after hours of walking underground:


Now let’s start to prep the samples for the ore microscope.....